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  " Music is one of the highest forms of  spiritual and mythological communications. It holds the keys to deciphering the mysteries of the ancients. Sound, tunes, or tones can trigger memories, activate emotions,  and open our hearts.

William Henry: City of Peace

Divine Love 3

                                                                                   1. Flow of Life  (9:45)

                                                                                   2.  A Calling from Afar  (10:30)

                                                                                   3.  Heavenly Chambers  (11:57)

                                                                                   4. Returning to Purity  (6:43)

                                                                                   5. Golden Spheres  (9:26)

                                                                                   6. Forgiveness  (8:47)

                                                                                   7. Flow of Life (Drum Infused)

Divine Love 3 CD will be available 2nd week of January in hard copy, and shortly after on cdbaby store. If you would like higher quality mp3s than the ones from cdbaby, pls contact me via email or phone. This album is infused with dolphin sounds, angelic voices, water, thunder, crystal bells, drums, cosmic sounds, strings, and much more, which all creates one beautiful sound healing alchemy.  The samples for the songs will be added soon.

Welcome to the home of the Divine Love music... A music that heals, elevates, activates/initiates, and accelerates one's ascension. Divine Love is a channeled composition from our Divine Father/Mother, Galactic, Angelic and other high vibrational Beings, Ascended Masters, and our ancestors;  brought into the existence to benefit all humanity with the creation of New Earth and seeding it with the consciousness of love, unity, and peace. These frequencies come from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, and are connected to different star systems and galactic races.

This music is composed and recorded in 432 Hz (the Cosmic Key) and is highly encoded with sound healing frequencies - the Light Codes, which assists in all transformational work including healing, karmic clearing, chakra balancing/cleansing, past life regression, space clearing, and astral projection, and much more.

It assists in RNA repair along with DNA activation, and Divine Blueprint realignment. This composition allows one to reach higher planes of consciousness, assists with anchoring Christ consciousness into one's heart, activates one's ancient wisdom, innate gifts and healing technologies, including 3rd eye activation.  All that is needed, is to listen with an open heart,  an open mind, and to truly feel the music.

These celestial sound healing frequencies will reconnect you to your star origins and your star family. The more you listen, the more you will truly get to know your soul and reawaken the cellular memory of the Multi-Dimensional Being of Light that you are and your Divine purpose/mission.  Each time you listen to it, your experience will always be different. Trust, that all that is needed for your soul in the NOW moment, will happen accordingly.  You can set a simple intention before listening, e.g. for healing, receiving guidance, space clearing, activations, insomnia, etc. However; this music is magical in a way that it already knows what you need as it is connected to God consciousness, the source of all knowing.

Many healers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, artists, and star seeds from around the world use this music in conjunction with their work, to bring in additional higher healing frequencies, inspirational energies,  and the higher states of inner bliss, peace, love, clarity and oneness with the whole Universe.

Enjoy your journey HOME.

It is strongly suggested not to drive while listening to this music.

To experience a live meditation, check the Meditations/Events page for more information. If you would like Jana to perform at your public/private event, please contact her directly. For those, who are interested in carrying Divine Love CDs in your store, please contact by email.

The MP3s can be purchased through CDbaby's webpage at the link provided below.



Divine Love 1
Divine Love 2

"A Message for Humanity"  Jana Bozonova ~ Divine Love 2 album

A Message for Humanity